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K Street Group K9 Unit Teams are deployed in both a precautionary manner out of an abundance of caution, and also in an emergency response situation as well.

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Uncertainty abounds in today’s tumultuous geopolitical climate. Terrorism and destructions, both man-made and natural, present constant threats that shouldn’t be disregarded. Protect your assets, your family, and yourself with K Street Group’s comprehensive private protective services.


Whether you need information on an organization or an individual, access social media intelligence analysis services that you can trust.


In years prior, only foreign dignitaries and top-level government officials possessed the ability to hire a private protection firm headed by disciplined agents to offer full-range protection of their families and homes. Today, nuanced threats pose perilous outcomes for executives across a range of industries.


Taking the initiative to protect the integrity and safety of your reputation is imperative. A proficient private investigation service from K Street Group can ensure your company obtains the intelligence required to gain an edge and maintain a high-level of security against the volatility of today's world.
Our Investigations and Surveillance Unit agents are expertly trained and equipped to handle any civil, criminal, social media, financial, and fraud-related investigative requests.


Ensure your safety by hiring K Street Group's experts to address your event's liability and privacy concerns. As evidenced by tragic incidents like the Boston Marathon bombing and Las Vegas shooting, a new wave of threats is attacking American open-air events. Take a proactive position and heighten your situational awareness by working with K Street's watchful security agents. We know each venue comes with its own subset of unique challenges and threats.


Crisis situations, pandemic fallout, geopolitical and civil unrest, along with natural disasters can and do occur at any time, at any location around the world. To protect your employees, your assets, and your investments, you need a global emergency response support team that can mobilize resources quickly and effectively.


Maintaining a safe and secure tour experience can only happen when all stakeholders recognize the need for professional security.

Preserving Your People, Property, and Possessions

Our private investigations firm leverages advanced technology and insights to provide measurable risk mitigation results. Since incorporating in 2006, K Street Group LLC has grown a global reputation for our attention to detail, rapid response, and industry knowledge.

Maintaining a superior level of training, physical fitness, and awareness is our agents’ most pertinent goal. K Street Group continues to disrupt the private security industry by bringing back the standards of excellence and acumen that have become lost on other firms.


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