Professional Security Procedure Training

The K Street Group is a well established security consulting and risk mitigation firm with a focus on houses of worship, faith-based educational facilities and religious learning centers. Our subject matter experts are prepared to come to your facility to conduct a proprietary, quantitative risk and vulnerability assessment to determine areas of security enhancement.

Active Shooter/Intruder Training

Active shooter training is important as it is one of the most dangerous situations that can occur within a facility. It's imperative to be as prepared as possible in order to neutralize the threat and maintain overall safety.

General Security & Situational Awareness

You can prevent a large percentage of incidents by remaining highly aware of your surroundings. This includes understanding how to recognize suspicious behavior, how to react to certain scenarios, and more.

Soft Target Training

Soft targets are categorized as the people or places most vulnerable to attack. Fortunately, you always have the opportunity to enhance your security and protect them effectively. We'll extensively cover how to do so.

A.L.I.C.E. Training

This term stands for 'Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate' and aims to teach optimal responsiveness to a security breach. Each step in A.L.I.C.E training is covered comprehensively in order to provide the most thorough training possible.

Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, it's not impossible for violence to occur within the workplace. Without proper workplace violence training, it's often impossible to respond appropriately, making it imperative to prepare for this scenario as thoroughly as you can.

OSHA Duty of Care

It's imperative that your facility adheres to the standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. But remaining compliant with the OSHA duty of care isn't always as easy as most people expect. We'll work with you to help ensure that you get on track (and stay there).

De-escalation Techniques

As with situational awareness, a large majority of incidents can be prevented through proper de-escalation techniques. These strategies are essential to defusing the situation as quickly as possible and maintaining the safety of everyone in your facility.

Behavior Pattern Recognition Training

Oftentimes, it's possible to recognize an assailant before they act dangerously. Learning how to discern and react to certain behavior patterns can go a long way in resolving issues before they begin.

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