Surveillance Detection Strategies & Tactics For Security Drivers & Solo Practitioners

Since the origins of the secure transportation profession in the early 1970’s, and once the executive protection profession began to emerge a number of years later, the goal of mitigating potential security risks before an incident occurs has driven the demand for security professionals who are well versed in detecting potential threats before they become headline grabbing security incidents.

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In the early 1990’s, prior to founding Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI), Joe Autera, VDI’s President & CEO, was first tasked with providing surveillance detection support to protective details in some of the highest risk locales throughout Latin America; a few years later, he began teaching Security Drivers, as well as other protection practitioners operating with limited resources, field-tested and time-proven strategies and tactics for integrating surveillance detection into day-to-day protection operations.

Today, as they have for the last 18 years, the VDI team continues to deliver highly refined surveillance detection training to those professionals who don’t have the luxury of dedicated surveillance detection support but have responsibility for identifying, mitigating, and managing a wide range of potential security risks. These courses provide insights into lessons learned from incidents involving high-profile public figures as well as lesser-known individuals that have occurred both here in the U.S. and abroad.

And now, the VDI team is joined by the professionals at Peeler Group International and supported by The K Street Group to further enhance the value of these highly acclaimed courses.

This innovative, highly interactive three (3) day course consists of informative discussion modules and a series of hands-on, intensive practical exercises, designed and proven to provide the Security Driver or Solo Practitioner, as well as other protection professionals, an in-depth understanding of the art and science of surveillance detection.


The Differences Between Anti- Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, and Counter-Surveillance

Common Threads of Incidents Targeting Executives and Other At-Risk Individuals

Understanding the Attack Planning Process and the Role Surveillance Plays

The Importance of the Adversary’s Perspective and Thinking Like They Do

Legal Considerations that May Impact Surveillance Detection Operations

Case Studies and Lessons Learned from Real-World Events

Defining and Exploiting the Standoff Footprint

COPPs – Identifying Potential Indicators of Hostile Surveillance

Now What? Actions Upon Detection


Joe Autera is the President & CEO of Vehicle Dynamics Institute, the world’s pre-eminent provider of highly specialized, secure transportation-related training to private sector security professionals, as well as government, military, and law enforcement personnel.

Bill Peeler is the Founder & CEO of Peeler Group International, a leading global provider of secure transportation and related protection services to multi-national corporations, family offices, and non-governmental organizations.


Date: August 4 – 6, 2021

Location: Annandale Square — Stratford Building
67 Beaver Avenue
2nd Floor
Annandale, New Jersey 08801

Cost: $995.00 per student

(Discounted rates available for groups of 4 or more from same organization)

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