Refuse to be a Victim — Self Defense Class

Do you know how to protect yourself or a loved one if you’re walking down the street, and someone wants to attack you? K Street’s comprehensive Refuse to be a Victim self defense class prepares you to defend yourself in dangerous situations. Whether it is a mugging, sexual predator, or just an outright bad person who picked you as their target, what is your mode of self-defense against an attacker? In this class, you will learn all the self defense techniques you’ll need to protect yourself, no matter the situation.

Street attacks happen in a variety of manners, but some are more common than others. This course will focus on the more common attacks, how to recognize and potentially prevent an attack before it happens, and how to defend yourself properly once attacked.

Who should take this self defense class?

Anyone can refuse to be a victim. This course will increase your confidence, both in your ability to protect yourself and in your life in general. Unfortunately, street attacks are unpredictable. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself with self defense techniques to defend yourself should the need arise. This course is particularly popular with college students, assault victims, and parents. However, truly anyone will benefit from the knowledge gained in this class.

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Self Defense Class by K Street - New Jersey


1. General situational awareness
2. Posture and confidence
3. Distance and personal space
4. Recognizing the warning signs
5. What to expect when you are attacked
6. Vulnerable striking areas
7. Hands-on practical exercises
8. Breakfalls
9. Distance maintenance
10. What to do when pushed to the ground
11. Wrist grabs
12. Bear hugs
13. Neck grabs
14. Choke from behind
15. Punches
16. Mount defense on the ground


Offer practical self-defense techniques and strategies to recognize, prevent, and defend against common street attacks.


Class is a total of 4 hours

We have multiple course dates and times available.

Cost: $125.00

Prerequisite Course/Experience: None

Attire: Comfortable workout-type shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt, mouthguard, and groin protection suggested but not mandatory.


What Will You Learn in Refuse to be a Victim Self Defense Class?

This self defense class covers easy self defense techniques to protect yourself on the street, with topics of instruction ranging from how to avoid and prevent attacks before they happen to how to physically defend yourself in an attack.

1. General situational awareness

Remaining aware of your surroundings is a crucial step in avoiding attacks. This class will teach you how to optimize your situational awareness, including recognizing warning signs and making safe, smart decisions.

2. Posture and confidence

Maintaining good posture and portraying confidence helps you refuse to be a victim. Learn how these small steps may make a big difference, and how to effectively use these tools to avoid attacks.

3. Distance and personal space

Keeping distance from a potential attacker is an easy self defense technique that can help avoid threats to your safety. Learn what you should consider your personal space, how factors like crowds affect your considerations, and how to maintain a safe amount of distance around yourself.

4. Recognizing the warning signs

Learn the warning signs of a potential attack in order to prevent it before it even happens. This self defense class will teach you not only how to recognize warning signs of possible danger, but also how to respond to these warning signs.

5. What to expect when you are attacked

If you know what to expect when you are attacked, you are much more likely to be able to successfully defend yourself. K Street’s class teaches you common forms of attack and what to expect with each type, so that you are prepared to handle a wide variety of situations.

6. Vulnerable striking areas

Knowledge of the vulnerable striking areas means you are better equipped to protect them, or to use them in self defense. This course will discuss all the striking areas that are most vulnerable to attack, and what steps you should take to protect yourself or fight back.

7. Hands-on practical exercises

No self defense course would be complete without the opportunity to take what you’ve learned and apply it. This class offers a number of hands-on practical exercises to help you become confident using these easy self defense techniques in the real world.

8. Breakfalls

A breakfall is a movement you use in order to prevent harm or injury upon landing after a fall. While breakfalls are commonly used in martial arts, K Street’s course teaches breakfalls as a crucial facet of self defense. Learn to fall safely, and get back up again quickly.

9. Distance maintenance

Distance between you and an attacker is an easy and important method to prevent harm. This class teaches you how much distance is necessary, and how to maintain distance effectively.

10. What to do when pushed to the ground

It is possible that an attacker may push you to the ground during an attack. This training will teach you what to do when pushed or shoved, and what to do once you’re on the ground. Learning what to do when pushed to the ground is extremely important in minimizing harm. A major part of this section of the course is how to mount a defense from the ground.

An attacker may use several techniques to overpower their victim. 

K Street’s self defense class focuses on the most common methods of attack, how to defend yourself against them, and how to escape the situation with minimal harm. Learn to defend yourself against:

  1. Wrist grabs
  2. Bear hugs
  3. Neck grabs
  4. Choking from behind
  5. Punches

FAQs about Self Defense Training Class

1. Are there prerequisites to take this course?

This class is open to anyone. No experience or prerequisites required.

2. What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable, workout-type shorts or sweatpants, and a t-shirt. A mouthguard and groin protection are suggested but not mandatory.