NJSP SORA (Renewal)

Course Type: In-Person
Course Length: 8 Hours (8:30AM – 4:30PM)

NOTE: Please make sure you have completed your initial/renewal documentation with the NJSP and that you have obtained your 30-day SORA certification.

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Cost: $65.00

Number of Students

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Annandale Square — Stratford Building
67 Beaver Avenue
2nd Floor
Annandale, New Jersey 08801


Phone: 908-200-7344
Fax: 908-200-7346

Course Instructor

Tom Krempa

US Navy Vietnam Veteran
Licensed Private Investigator NJ/PA
LEVEL 2 Instructor
Certified PA ACT 235 Lethal Weapons
Certified Fraud Examiner
Covert Surveillance Specialist
KSG Senior Protection Specialist

Frank Musumici

Licensed Private Detective – PA
25 years experience as:
Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
OC Instructor
Use of Handcuffs Instructor
Chemical Munitions Instructor

Course Information

Under New Jersey’s Security Officer Registration Act (SORA), all security officers must have a SORA license and undergo training. We are licensed through SORA to provide training and certification for security professionals in need of obtaining or renewing their NJSP SORA. Upon completion of our program, you will receive your certificate and we will send your results to the New Jersey State Police.

You will learn:

  1. Homeland Security
  2. Counter-terrorism measures
  3. Emergency response and incident command systems
  4. Security officer’s duties and responsibilities
  5. Standard operating procedures, ethics, and professional conduct, effective communications
  6. NJ Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy, and report writing


here are three steps to getting your SORA license:

  • You must take an approved SORA training course.
  • You must get fingerprinted.
  • You must register and apply with the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) to get a 30 day “Temporary Certificate of Registration as a Security Officer.”
  • You will only have 30 days to complete these steps, including your SORA course. The best way to ensure completion within this time frame is to schedule your SORA course and then apply for your certificate.

In addition to these three steps, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid form of photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license.

Refund Guarantee

Due to our commitment to instructors, materials, and other students, the following refund policy applies:

  • A 100% refund or credit of your registration fee will be issued if an event is canceled by the Academy
  • A 100% refund or credit will be issued if you cancel your registration more than 72 hours prior to the event start time. You may contact the Academy to cancel your registration
  • A 50% refund will be issued if you cancel your registration within 24-72 hours before the event start time.
  • No refunds will be issued within 24 hours prior to the start of an event or after an event has started, regardless of attendance.