Handcuff Use and Deployment

Course Type: In-Person
Course Length: 6 Hours

Cost: $175.00

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Annandale Square — Stratford Building
67 Beaver Avenue
2nd Floor
Annandale, New Jersey 08801


Phone: 908-200-7344
Fax: 908-200-7346

Course Instructor

Dan Doyle

  • Pennsylvania Certified Municipal Police Officer
  • Law Enforcement & Civilian Firearms Instructor
  • PA- Retired Law Enforcement HR-218 Firearm Instructor
  • Defensive Blade Instructor
  • Low Light Tactics Instructor
  • Firearms Simulator Operator
  • OC Spray- Baton- CEW Instructor
  • 1st degree Black Belt
  • Weapon retention, disarming, and recovery Instructor
  • CPR/First Aid

Course Information

This Handcuffing Training Course is a 6-hour course, with lecture and hands-on practical training with handcuffs. If you are carrying handcuffs as part of our duty equipment, It is recommended that you take a handcuff training course to avoid any future legal or civil liability. The course will cover how to properly place handcuffs as efficiently and quickly as possible to avoid any injury to the person being handcuffed or to the guard.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Handcuff nomenclature and function
  2. Effective communication/de-escalation techniques
  3. Rules of application
  4. Escort positions
  5. Safe removal of handcuffs
  6. Security professional and subject safety

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