Workplace Violence Mitigation

For cause terminations, involuntary reduction in workforce, rightsizing, labor disputes, or layoffs; no matter what you call it or how you label it, the potential exists for situations where violence and/or collateral damage may be an unfortunate outcome.

The K Street Group is a well-established risk mitigation firm specializing in corporate workplace violence and asset protection. We have provided on-location oversight and support to businesses, corporate entities and other industries for over 10 years. Our laser like approach to mitigating workplace violence is customized to your specific needs to encompass a comprehensive suite of services and support.

How K Street can help…

  • Resource training to identify “red flags” of unusual employee behavior patterns
  • Tactical staging of appropriate setting, environment, terms and conditions of termination
  • Passive security penetration testing to assess the potential for an unauthorized intruder to gain access to critical executive or operational areas of your business
  • Preparation, support and coaching of HR staff to recognize signs of workplace violence
  • On-site, discreet plainclothes workplace violence security specialists to provide oversight and support during the termination process