Special Operations Unit

Special Operations Unit…
for your safety and security anywhere in the world

Kabul City, Afghanistan

Kabul City, Afghanistan

Crisis situations, geopolitical unrest, and natural disasters can occur at any time, at any location around the world. To protect your employees, your assets, and your investments – you need to be prepared now more than ever. The K Street Group Special Operations Unit provides worldwide private security and protective services in any environment. Be proactive – be prepared now!




The K Street Group Special Operations Unit focuses on non-domestic areas of the globe with an extensive staff of field and supervisory personnel. These discreet, experienced individuals have been trained in various elite programs including:

  • United States Marine Corps
  • Swedish Military Forces
  • British Army Airborne Forces
  • Royal Marines

The Special Operations Unit is mission ready for immediate deployment into hostile enemy territories, politically unstable countries, and emergency disaster zones often the results of adverse weather or geological conditions. With a unique multicultural experience, our high-specialized group of professionals provides the required capabilities to address, overcome, and mitigate antagonistic, hostile, and disaster situations.

Specialized Skills

Our Special Operations Unit multilingual/multicultural personnel offer a wide range of skills and competencies to be prepared for every situation. These skills include:

  • Emergency response & crisis management
  • Advance handgun & assault weapon expertise
  • First aid & advance trauma support
  • Evasive & defensive driving techniques
  • Advanced electronic communications
  • Close protection services – armed security
  • Surveillance & counter surveillance
  • Secure air, ground, and rail transportation

Dubai Financial District

International Travel

Corporate executives, journalists, entertainers, and dignitaries are considered prime targets for stalkers, kidnappers, and/or terrorists – especially in foreign countries. Today when traveling abroad there is a real probable threat that kidnappings, hijackings, and retaliatory incidents will occur in any place and at any time without warning. The K Street Group’s Special Operations Unit will assess the potential risk of your travel plans and design a customized security operation that will provide a safe and secure environment during the entire itinerary. Our experienced team of professionals handles all the logistical aspects of your trip so that you can concentrate on your business concerns.

Areas Outside the U.S.

Our Special Operations Unit has experience that includes deployment in New Orleans, Haiti, Afghanistan, Baghdad, Somalia, Dubai and many other parts of the world. Our services outside the US include:

  • Hostile territory escort & protection
  • Disaster & emergency response
  • Emergency evacuation & rescue
  • Air evacuation by jet & helicopter
  • Emergency ground transportation
  • Kidnapping mitigation & resolution
  • Covert surveillance & intelligence
  • Geopolitical risk mitigation
  • Port & maritime security

Discreet, Professional Service

K Street Groups Special Operation Unit is extremely sensitive to the confidential nature of its clients’ needs and will only deploy those resources that have been fully vetted to the highest standard of professional ethics. Your deployment team will be outfitted with only those individuals that are matched specifically to your particular situation and needs. You can expect your deployment team to exceed your expectations when it comes to professionalism, experience, discretion, and commitment to providing for your safety and security in any environment.

spops3The K Street Special Operations Unit stands ready to serve you anywhere around the world.
For any adverse situation or business trip that may put you at risk anywhere in the world, the K Street Group Special Operations Unit stands ready to assist you.


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