Domestic Services

domestic1Workplace violence – employee termination

The current economic environment has led to a new business model of doing more with less in order to achieve corporate benchmarks. Employment conditions are volatile thereby creating news headlines of workplace violence tragedies. Traditional security measures are antiquated and simply not effective in preventing or mitigating the fallout from a high risk termination or mass layoffs. The K Street Group works with large and small businesses pro actively to insure that at-risk employees and other corporate assets are protected from any violence or collateral damage that may occur as a result of a potential volatile situation.

Corporate and residential property security

Whether it is a corporate headquarters campus or multitenant residential complex, K Street Group is able to safely and effectively secure any size foot print or structure with a comprehensive, multi-pronged plan of action to address all your concerns. Our services range from the latest in electronic CCTV and surveillance, to biometric access control to uniform and plainclothes officers. At the end of the day your most valuable assets are safe and secure against unwanted intruders.

Security penetration testing

domestic2Corporations, public service entities and property management firms must exercise a disciplined balance of budget versus overall safety and security as it relates to just how much protection is enough – or more specifically the amount of the protection versus the overall effectiveness of the resources.

Are your current levels of security effective in identifying in advance, and ultimately thwarting, a well-planned intrusion breach? Don’t wait until it actually happens to find out – today more and more organizations are randomly testing the ability of their security to see where the gaps may be and how to correct those gaps. K Street Group can design a comprehensive breach operation program to identify those gaps and implement action plans to strengthen your security approach.

domestic3Corporate executive, dignitary, and celebrity protection

Many times high-profile individuals and those in a high risk environment may not fully understand just how vulnerable they may be to a determined assailant committed on causing harm to them or their family. The K Street Group can create an effective, unobtrusive security net around any individual that provides the freedom to have a normal daily business and social schedule without restricting activities or lifestyle. Our executive protection team is immediately available for rapid deployment anywhere in the world at anytime.

Disaster response and emergency management

Natural disasters can present themselves in any situation and almost always without advance warning. The collateral damage in the aftermath and the road to recovery can stress every available resource you may have and leave you vulnerable to further, more damaging possibilities. Don’t be caught off guard – let K Street Group assess your risk and exposure and design an emergency response plan that can mitigate your down time while protecting your assets at the same time. Our first responders are available to address your every need.

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